Fam0us hero

Submitted by: MyNameisKidd

Date of abuse:  January 15, 2017

Accused player*: Fam0us hero

Accused of: Not Splitting 2x Bandos Tassets (34M)

Plaintiff(s)**: MyNameisKidd

Clan: RuthlessPVM

*Abusive player’s name at time of abuse. **Alleged victim(s) at time of abuse.

We formed a team of 3 for Bandos which was MyNameisKidd(victim), Filoux12(victim), and Fam0us_hero (scammer) in the cc RuthlessPVM. During the trip we received 2 drops of tassies and 1 was in the name of Fam0us_hero and the other one was Filoux12. At the end of the trip we went to the grand exchange to do the split. Fam0us_hero collected my loot of 40k and then collected Filoux12 loot of a bandos tasset and 1m worth of alchs. Within a few seconds He logs off and leaves the CC.


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Op galexia

Submitted by: truth hunter

Date of abuse: January 15, 2017

Accused player*: Op galexia

Accused of: Stealing borrowed items (30m cash)

Plaintiff(s)**: No soul IRL

Clan: optimal pvm

*Abusive player’s name at time of abuse. **Alleged victim(s) at time of abuse.

Op galexia gave his friend “no soul irl” 30m just to have, because he had just win big at duel arena. “no soul irl” was so happy to get 30m he said “thanks bro if u ever need it back let me know.” so Op galexia gave him 30m just to have as a gift. a short while later, op galexia asks for it back so he could continue staking because he had just lost bills, and then promises/agrees to give it back whether he wins or loses @duel arena, even if he has to “real world trade” to repay “no soul irl” the 30m he borrowed from him. So He “wins” and then doesn’t give the 30m back”

truth hunter
truth hunter

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b m o z y

Submitted by: william cx

Date of abuse: January 15, 2017

Accused player*: b m o z y

Accused of: Not Splitting Items (5.8M)

Plaintiff(s)**: dankassbud

Clan: N/A

*Abusive player’s name at time of abuse. **Alleged victim(s) at time of abuse.

 so my friend dankassbud met this guy at Calisto they got a few kills spent rougly 2 hours there and agreed to split the loot he had my friend trade the items to him and than he scammed him and refuses to pay him deleted him and just ran with the items

william cx
william cx

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Submitted by: Sheean

Date of abuse: November 5, 2016

Accused player*: Overlord Zam

Accused of: Scamming Primordial boots (26m)

Plaintiff(s)**: Sheean

Clan: N/A

*Abusive player’s name at time of abuse. **Alleged victim(s) at time of abuse.

I was staking normally at world 2 arena and Overlord Zam approached me and set the duel options to melee on. He took advantage of the old system where when you were to change rules it wouldn’t notify you as it does now. He mage on scammed me basically for prims.

I’ve added him and waited for my chance to say something to him for weeks, during that time I could see him still trying to apply the same scam’s at w2 duel arena.


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Gold Elysian

Submitted by: D e e z y

Date of abuse: January 6, 2017

Accused player*: Gold Elysian

Accused of: Not Splitting Items: Dragon Thrownaxes (80m)

Plaintiff(s)**:  Wones, Jess Kidding, Cavs, Shy Mew, Versace Good

Clan:  PvM’s Finest

*Abusive player’s name at time of abuse. **Alleged victim(s) at time of abuse.

Player (Gold Elysian) received Dragon Thrownaxes. Mentioned he only got 5, and because the value wasn’t higher of only getting 5, the team did not split. Fast forward a couple of days, Cavs mentions that he has only seen people get 100. We all looked into it more, got confirmation from mods and other players, and it is indeed a 100 stack only. We confronted Gold about this, and he held his story and denied it repeatedly. He paid 40m to our clan account, to somewhat repay the split. After that, we received the response from mods that the only number of axes you can get is 100. He has been removed from our clan and ranks in the mean time(was a bronze star). Gold Elysian was a trusted member of our cc, but it seems he was trying to take advantage of new loot and new content.

D e e z y
D e e z y

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