This page is dedicated to the people who have contributed to the overall success of RS Justice in facilitating player concerns.


Exo, Poo and Spedz – making financial contributions for the annual costs of the website for the year of 2016.

The following players have volunteered a considerable amount of their time to RS Justice as staff members, helping with routine tasks required for the maintenance and efficacy of the website.

Hero Melo – managed name changes consistently and accurately.

Hero Vinny – adaptively helped with various aspects of RSJ.

Mack – helped with name changes when we really needed someone.

Tracy – enthusiastically promoted RSJ, helped organize clans and events.

Exigence – helped with processing reports of abuse and served as a good mentor.

Trev – helped found RS Justice and get things rolling.

As last known by us on Runescape. Listed from most recently staff. The above players do not represent RS Justice at this point in time, nor is them being mentioned on this page an endorsement of their current character or standing with RS Justice. Trial staff members who did not pass their trial period are not mentioned on this page.

Twisty Fork – Developing a Discord bot to check names on RS Justice.

Holy Cleric – Contributing his skills as a professional graphics designer to create graphics for RS Justice, including the header logo and more.

To every clan that has supported RS Justice, and every player that has reported abuse to RS Justice – thank you.