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Accused player:  B1GBALLERZ  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: not splitting: Bandos Tassets (~27m)

Submitted by: AureusDraco – Saturday, October 28, 2017 @ 07:52:20 pm

The story: The day before Sifu Pele (10/27/17) went on a bandos trip as well with TraderCam. They did 2-3 bandos trips before in the past and got nothing special and they had shared the bad drops, and B1GBALLERZ split and sold all of them equally. On their last trip and last kill B1GBALLERZ had died in a very suspicious manner. Sifu Pele thought it was lag, but the way he died was very noobish/suspicious as he was clearly an experienced bandos pvmer. He said “fuck this i dont need that shit, split the loot with cam [TraderCam]” and logged off holding alchs and his loot. It was ~1-2m so they decided not to mention it until after the second bandos trip incident had occured with Miku Did 911 and farm dogs and Sifu Pele confessed this after in chat.

farm dogs, Miku Did 911 and B1GBALLERZ were on a bandos trip last night at 4am est time (10/28/17). They got a bandos tassets drop in about 6 kills in, and continued on with the trip. They killed about 20minutes later (50 more kills) but B1GBALLERZ randomly logs out after not getting anymore good drops (in his name, soon it was under Miku Did 911’s name) after the tassy. Right before B1GBALLERZ logged out he was trying to say it was a bandos chestplate drop not a tassets. B1GBALLERZ logged it right before bandos spawned and didn’t come back for the entire night. Later, he (B1GBALLERZ) confessed this and the scammed items in a pm to another member of UM CC.


Date of Abuse: 2017-10-28

Victims: Miku Did 911, farm dogs, Sifu Pele, TraderCam

Clan: UM CC

Submitted by: AureusDraco – Saturday, October 28, 2017 @ 07:52:20 pm


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