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Accused player:  Breanne  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: not splitting: Saradomin Hilt (44M)

Submitted by: BlackSails – Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The story: Shady2Gunz was looking for a Sara team, Breanne and Theoneiceman went along with him. Breanne recieved a saradomin hilt and logged out.


Date of Abuse: 2017-05-29

Victims: Theoneiceman, Shady2gunz

Clan: Family Scape

Submitted by: BlackSails – Wednesday, May 31, 2017


15 thoughts on “Blessed Fish

  1. any proof of the player actually receiving a drop and you being there? Could be a bit suspicious as lots of players are being wrongly accused

  2. Anon why would someone wanna lie about something like this? I know ice and shady, they aren’t people who’d lie about something like this

  3. This report is simply to warn other clans/players that breanne is out there scamming other players. I personally feel that if you don’t feel the evidence is strong enough than that is your decision but I don’t want this happening to anybody else in the community. Thanks for understanding.

  4. In my opinion one can’t be accused without 100% real proof in these screenshots I see no real evidence. So why post something without a screenshot of the actual drop?

  5. This post is 100% bull its the craziest story I have ever heard. The evidence isn’t even efficient enough, if rs justice was taken seriously like a real life situation this post wouldn’t even be up on here due to lack of evidence all they have are a few screenshots against me that I’ve been kicked from a clan? It is a he said she said situation. Any sane person would agree with me the clan accusing me of not splitting a saradomin hilt IS lacking in evidence and should not even be up on rs justice due to that very reason LACKING IN EVIDENCE against me. I am not being defensive I am simply stating facts. This story is crazy without proper evidence again I will say THIS POST AGAINST ME SHOULDN’T BE UP HERE. you may want to “warn” others but in my situation there is nothing to warn about. I have constantly been nothing but harassed from members from family scape I am open to conversation on this case 24/7, I AM NOT hiding from anybody that has anything to say about this case.

    Sincerely, Blessed fish.

  6. there should be a voting system to toss out bad cases like mine there is no evidence of ANYTHING one can’t be accused correctly without it.

    – Blessed fish.

  7. You for real if you didn’t do this then why leave the clan cuz I’d back you if you honestly didn’t do this as you were alright, but the fact you left, just seems like your guilty as f**k but its up to others if did scam then you’re not family scapes problem-grim

  8. nope I’m definitely not family scapes problem this case can go back and forth without solid proof of a drop screenshot I could easily accuse the clan of wrongfully accusing me and trying to potentially scam me out of gp quite frankly I might just do that. several members of family scape harassed me and called me names basically trying to force me to pay up, so tell me is this how they run a clan? EVEN the clan owner called me a piece of shit himself so is this really how you treat members of your clan? I NEVER left the clan nor did I run from anybody and I sure as hell don’t hide from people I play Runescape everyday when possible and 24/7 my private is turned ON I have nobody from the clan on my ignore list at ALL so tell me am I hiding? I don’t believe so I always reply when family scape members reply. I can guarantee without sufficient evidence stating my account has received the drop I will NOT pay out 28,866,666 gp. IF familyscape can accuse me of “scamming a saradomin hilt” where is the PROOF ? I see a bunch of nonsense up above in the screenshots linked into this case. So your choice Family scape provide the proper evidence or leave me the fuck alone really those are your options. have a wonderful day – fish.

  9. Not going to waste my time with a long reply to this. We have been around for years and have never had a problem like this before. Quit coming into the CC flaming all of the members. It isn’t harrassment when people are simply asking for their GP that you ran off with. I have banned atleast 5 of your accounts now and have plenty of screenshots that i will be sending very soon to RSJ to add to this post. Enjoy.

  10. That is fine “breanne”. Your previous clan is well known for scamming. You have two options, Pay back Shady2gunz and Theoneiceman their splits and we can figure something out. But until that happens please do not enter my Clan on any of your alts threatening and flaming my members.

  11. So Blessed Fish, so far the only thing you have said is how there is no proof that you did anything wrong. If you were really innocent, how come you have not once given your side of the story? A truly innocent person wouldn’t simply deny an accusation. Why don’t you tell everyone what “happened”?

    Are you denying that you got the hilt drop at all?
    Are you denying the fact that you skipped out on the split?

    Does it really make any sense whatsoever for multiple people to accuse someone else in skipping on a split just to try and get more/extra cash? Literally no one who paid out a split would pay again just because they are being accused of not doing so. You denying these accusations and nothing more is not helping your case one bit.

  12. Lol ill continue to say I deny it all and ill continue to remain silent that’s my right to remain silent I give no damns not one damn given so fuck you and a fuck you again annnd then fuck you again with best regards – blessed fish a fuck you again muda fuka ! provide a screenshot of the drop without the screenshot of the drop there’s no proof so fucka youuuu muda fuka !

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