September 21, 2017 Arcane Roots

Accused player:  Sladjan  (at time of abuse) Accused of: not splitting: Bandos Tassets (25.1m (8.4m split to be owed)) Submitted by: Arcane Roots – Wednesday, September 20, 2017 @ 03:36:49 pm The story: I was trio’ing bandos with my friends and the servers DC’d and I died, upon returning I get my loot two people named “SladJan” and “Fu7ure” were duo’ing bandos and they asked me to trio with them – I thought why not I’ve got nothing better to do. They said they’d split loot with me if we got anything, 5 kills in we get a gs shard 2…

September 18, 2017 Nummulite

Accused player:  vNicholas  (at time of abuse) Accused of: not splitting: Bandos Tassets (25.5M) Submitted by: Nummulite – Monday, September 18, 2017 @ 08:30:52 am The story: So me and Urmumsmoist wanted to go on a Bandos Trio and needed a tank. We joined “Osrs GWD” cc and vNicholas said he would tank for us. We agreed and all joined Urmumsmoist (Pizzl3r) CC. We agreed that all loot will be split evenly between us. Around 1 hour into the trip vNicholas got Bandos Tassets in his name. We were pretty pumped, especially as it should have been our first Tasset split….

September 7, 2017 IBe Matt

Accused player:  PvMSmokeDabs  (at time of abuse) Accused of: not splitting: Bandos Tasset (24.7m) Submitted by: IBe Matt – Thursday, September 7, 2017 @ 12:20:36 pm The story: PvmSmokeDabs & Dro Puffa asked for +1 tank for bandos, so i joined them. we got bando tassets drop within like 7 kills. Dro Puffa asked PvmSmokeDabs split the tassets after trip bro? PvmSmokeDabs replied: yh of course. I ended the trip as i was lagging to much whilst i was tanking so we all went grand exchange, as soon as we got there PvmSmokeDabs (more…)

September 6, 2017 Lord Loss

Accused player:  Pwnd By Robo  (at time of abuse) Accused of: stealing borrowed items: Saradomin Godsword, Armadyl Crossbow (73m) Submitted by: Lord Loss – Tuesday, September 5, 2017 @ 08:17:18 am The story: I lent him the items in question (saradomin godsword + armadyl crossbow) to help him rebuild (we did 1 trip at dagannoth kings together before he did not return the items), and to attempt the inferno on release. He has since not returned either items upon request. I also have his discord name: drobo91#7127, I have made requests for him to return the items on this app, which he…

September 5, 2017 Whats Ranged

Accused player:  Sizter  (at time of abuse) Accused of: stealing borrowed items: Verac’s Set (2,100,000gp) Submitted by: Whats Ranged – Monday, September 4, 2017 @ 10:54:16 pm The story: Networkerz (current GK member) and Sizter (former GK member, banned) were apart of the scam. Networkerz lent Sizter a SMALL LOAN of 2Mgp (verac’s armour set) which he then refused to give back. As the clan leader, the reason I’m extremely pissed off at this is that it was only 2M which goes to show how much of a scum Sizter is. I hope nobody in the future PvM’s with this guy as…

September 4, 2017 Enemy 20Comment

Accused player:  i am ALEK  (at time of abuse) Accused of: not splitting: 45m venenatis loot tab (my split wouldve been 16.5m) Submitted by: Enemy – Monday, September 4, 2017 @ 05:37:20 pm The story: So one of my long time friends and i decided to camp wildy bosses for pets. I camped callisto with him until he got the pet. which he did. Then our deal was that he would camp venenatis with me until i got pet. Then we’d move onto DK’s. So he would run me supplies at ven and id trade him the loot if it was…

September 4, 2017 Pidgeys/Fire 2Comment

Accused player:  Yaru 8  (at time of abuse) Accused of: not splitting: Elder maul (46.1M) Submitted by: Pidgeys/Fire – Monday, September 4, 2017 @ 12:24:47 am The story: Yaru 8 and im soft went into a ffa together with the intention of splitting any drops between them. However yaru 8 also made an agreement with another couple friends to split with them incase of loot. Im soft was not aware of this. Yaru 8 received an elder maul and pretended he didnt get the maul sold for 43m (eventhough i personally baught a maul and sold one for 48m on the…

September 2, 2017 Mob Cies 2Comment

Accused player:  Mob Graardor  (at time of abuse) Accused of: stealing borrowed items: DragonFire Shield and 3m cash (12.7m) Submitted by: Mob Cies – Saturday, September 2, 2017 @ 04:36:05 pm The story: Mob Graardor asked to borrow a dfs and some money because he claimed he had been scammed, Mob Diesel kindly borrowed him a dfs and 3m cash to help him start rebuilding, not long after he never came online, and blocked most of the cc so we were unable to contact him about what had happened. today 03/09/2017 i had seen him online (i am one of the owners…

September 2, 2017 Vossens 3Comment

Accused player:  V ball  (at time of abuse) Accused of: stealing borrowed items: Bandos chestplate, bandos tassets, amulet of torture, primordial boots (67.7m) Submitted by: Vossens – Saturday, September 2, 2017 @ 12:36:15 am The story: I had known him for quite a few months always bossed and skilled with him, he did have a staking addiction so i constantly lent him items. he asked for slayer gear i was happy to give it to him and he logged and changed his name immediately. gf bank sad day but im quitting (more…)

September 2, 2017 Buloz 6Comment

Accused player:  A67  (at time of abuse) Accused of: not splitting: Twisted Bow (973m total, but would be split with nuggs and buloz) Submitted by: Buloz – Friday, September 1, 2017 @ 11:22:22 pm The story: We were doing trio raid with clan mates A67 and Nuggs and when the one clan mate “A67” got a twisted bow he freaked out for about 5 mins then logged out and blocked everyone on discord. His discord is TranceHD#0053, but he most likely deleted the account by now to get rid of all evidence. We have multiple people in the Get High discord…

September 1, 2017 Big Bad Nerd 4Comment

Accused player:  39 Score 191  (at time of abuse) Accused of: stealing borrowed items: Dragon Warhammer (66.6m~) Submitted by: Big Bad Nerd – Friday, September 1, 2017 @ 01:35:55 am The story: Lent DWH so he could raid, lent items before worth more so this was un usual. Hard evidence. (more…)

August 30, 2017 low cow cow 3Comment

Accused player:  rogfisher  (at time of abuse) Accused of: not splitting: armadyl chainskirt (13m (split)) Submitted by: low cow cow – Wednesday, August 30, 2017 @ 09:08:50 am The story: We we’re doing arma duo did like 5-10 trips over 3 days, didn’t get any items as soon as he gets armachain skirt he said brb pee at ge then logged to a different world and unadded me, then i kept messaging in him in clan chat and he basically said he wants splitting (more…)

August 29, 2017 Mobein

Accused player:  bad router  (at time of abuse) Accused of: stealing borrowed items: 58 million gold coins (58 million) Submitted by: Mobein – Monday, August 28, 2017 @ 11:40:49 am The story: I loaned 58m and told him to pay me back after 2 days and he said he isn’t gonna pay me back. Then i went to the cc leader and that’s when bad router told me he would have paid me back if i didn’t complain to cc leader about him scamming. (more…)

August 27, 2017 Ghost 0f Gxd

Accused player:  Booty Ranger  (at time of abuse) Accused of: stealing borrowed items: Armadyl Helmet Armadyl Chestplate Armadyl Chainskirt Pegasian Boots Necklace of anguish Armadyl Crossbow (120m as said by scammer in second screenshot) Submitted by: Ghost 0f Gxd – Sunday, August 27, 2017 @ 12:39:10 pm The story: I had lent the guy the gear to make money back at saradomin and he stake it and quit the clan. this is my 2nd time reporting him but i have evidence of him saying he would try and pay me back. so hopefully this time it goes thro. in the pictures he…

August 27, 2017 BiftaBin 3Comment

Accused player:  Fk Jad  (at time of abuse) Accused of: not splitting: Bandos Tassets (24,181,845) Submitted by: BiftaBin – Sunday, August 27, 2017 @ 03:59:06 am The story: Next Hype and Optimumslaya went on a bandos trip and invited Fk Jad and they agreed to split everything but when Fk Jad got the drop he took the tassets and did not split. (more…)