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Accused player:  Chezza  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: not splitting: Twisted Bow Split w/ “Looted (1b)

Submitted by: Ardames – Tuesday, October 17, 2017 @ 05:12:47 pm

The story: A learner raid happened in the We Do Raids discord on 10/15/2017, where a 9 man team got a unique drop of a Twisted Bow. According to our discord rules, it states that raids are always split among the members of the team unless it was a FFA specific raid. Since this was a learner raid, normal split rules apply to this specific raid. Looted, or Billy#0536, and Chezza, or Chezza#0490, were both part of this raid. After Looted had received the Twisted Bow, he went to the grand exchange, hopped worlds, and quickly left the discord server. The other 7 victims of the server immediately contacted the mods about the situation but Chezza. After some PMs to Looted, Looted claimed that he had split with his friend in the raid, Chezza. Our mod team then contacted Chezza and we asked him about the situation. He claims he did not receive a split from Looted and told Looted to hold onto his split for 10 minutes. We questioned why he didn’t immediately contact the rest of the mod team like the other 7 victims. Chezza claimed that he did not know he was scammed and has his notifications off, which was why he did not contact the mod team.

Accused of being an accomplice of “Looted”

Date of Abuse: 2017-10-15

Victims: AbsDaLegend,Contention18,Digression,MadeinMango,plankplank,Thatstheone,Yuki

Clan: We Do Raids

Submitted by: Ardames – Tuesday, October 17, 2017 @ 05:12:47 pm


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  1. These pieces of trash are starting to work together. Be sure to search everyone that you said with on RSJ. (Even the victims of the cases, because they are often working together)!

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