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Accused player:  Tear Dr0p  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: other_(specify_in_your_story_below): Twisted Bow (1.3B)

Submitted by: Dibber – Saturday, May 12, 2018 @ 03:01:52 pm

The story: Tear Dr0p and I used to be really good friends. I legitemately trusted him. I would raid everyday, and pvm everyday for about 4months. When this incident took place, it happened out of no where. I had trusted him with bow before, since he did loan me 250m to buy it, so it was like a gesture to show him I was going to fully pay back his 250m. But that day something was different, he jokingly wanted to swap bows and so I proceeded to trade him my bow. He logged almost instantly, and I thought it was a prank at first…but 5-10-15 mins go by and he did not log back in. I messaged him on discord immideatly, and he went offline. After almost 8-9 days, I finally got a msg back from him on discord basically his “explanation” of why he did it. Everything is included in the screenshots.


The Trade



Accused player immediately removes the victim



Victim Reaction



The accused player immediately name changed several times and then put the name Tear Dr0p onto his Alt Account (taken at time of the scam by the victim)



The accused player’s current name however can clearly be seen here:


The accused attempted to disguise the names by changing his Alt’s name to dr0p top before then changing to Tear Dr0p, to avoid any listing of his main account (taken by RS Justice Staff whilst investigating the name changes)


Discord conversation entailing discussion of the item



Upon being sent the conversation(s), RS Justice staff believe the below sentence to be an important warning for this case. This player shows strong indication of being likely to abuse friendships for personal gain.



Linking the discord – the clan leader sent an invite to the discord server


Linking the discord – the accused player joining the server, with his discord highlighted


Linking the discord – direct link to his in game account


Date of Abuse: 2018-05-03

Victims: Dibber

Clan: Ascend Pvm

Submitted by: Dibber – Saturday, May 12, 2018 @ 03:01:52 pm


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  1. hard to not want to go lynch this pussy for scamming my friend and then rationalizing it by saying it was interest for his loan.

  2. yea hes a fucking homo. tear dr0p asked me for my social security number one time. prolly has a small wang so he has to scam people.

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