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7 thoughts on “Solo Rex

  1. I know many people in his old clan that said he scammed them. He also deranked everybody and changed name multiple times.

  2. I’m a member of “Divine_Mass”, Tahsy/Crossbow has been a general in this cc for quite a while. He was a really nice guy before he got addicted to staking. He scammed me and my mate for a few items that weren’t even “worth” scamming for. He ran off with a fury, a berserker ring and couple of mills. It was at this time he got banned from “Divine_Mass” and re-opened his own clanchat.

  3. I was in his cc the cc name in that time was “nubzunite”.

    After the scamming happend, he deranked us all and kicked us out from cc(also deleted me from facebook his facebook acc is tahsy haque from Canada).

    His name was Tahsy change the name to “Lil Tick” then changed it to “Crossbow”

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