November 12, 2014 Zeal 1Comment

Accused of: Stealing Borrowed Items

Date of abuse: Wed, Nov 12, 2014

Clan at time of abuse: Divine 2007

Items/gp lost: Bandos Tassets

Total Estimated Worth [at the time]: 18m


As told by: of1065

 So I lent out a clan mate of mine a pair of bandos tassets, we did another trip of gwd at zammy and then suddenly logged out. He then deletes me and i never hear from him again.




Victim(s) of Abuse (registered users): of1065


Abuser’s Name at time of abuse: Divine 22


Submitted by of1065


One thought on “[#BKYUKFXHT]

  1. shame , our clan made you a lot more than a set of Tassets and this is how you thank us.I hope people will take collat I can not express enough how important it is no matter who it is

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