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Submitted by [RSN]: Tracy





Note: RSN’s mentioned in this case may have changed.


8 thoughts on “TNT James

  1. I don’t feel like this case merits “full evidence”. Neither in the description or any of the photos is there solid proof beyond circumstance.

    While all my sympathies towards the victim, I feel like this undermines what rsjustice is supposed to stand for.

  2. lets be honnest u didnt obviously date him irl u edated him lmfao thats what u get its rs end of the day if a bish traded me 500m best believe its gone

  3. To be honest, this case has no real proof at all. The only thing I see here, is that there was a relationship between two runescape players who shared accounts. They eventually broke up and now one of them accuses the other of stolen items after account hijacking. From what I can see, none of these screenshots really prove that James stole anything. The “Victim” could easily just be upset after the breakup and setup this “theft.”

  4. After reading thru this “Evidence” and “Statement” and after speaking to the accused. Stories do match up, “Tracy” got cheated on by “James” through a video call. The Dates of the Screenshots thought from the bank pictures days on 31-01-2016 to when she actually confronted James on 02-01-2016. A reason of not responding to “Her” specifically shouldn’t be against any rules. When the Blacklist messaged him, he did indeed respond and gave his side.

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