What is RS Justice?

RS Justice, based on the Runescape MMORPG, is a collective work of player-submitted reports of abuse lodged against other players of the game. The website allows players to voice their concerns freely and openly with regards to abuse they feel has been inflicted upon them by other players. Incidents of abuse are commissioned through the Report Abuse page, where players contribute to the website by reporting abuse they have experienced. The reports of abuse published are a collective and integral part of the website, making up the original and unique content that RS Justice has to offer.

Why is RS Justice necessary?

RS Justice provides Runescape players with a place to have their concerns about other players viewed by the rest of the community, and more importantly the community a place to view such concerns. This is a unique facility which, surprisingly, isn’t offered anywhere else due to strict rules on “naming and shaming”. The players of Runescape have given substance and relevance to RS Justice through objective review, submission and consideration of the incidents of abuse published on the website.

What is considered abuse?

Any action by a player that produces a tangible negative effect in another player’s Runescape experience. Please see the Terms of Abuse page for elaboration on the different types of abuse dealt with by RS Justice.

How do I report abuse?

You can report an abusive player on our Report Abuse page. The page also serves a guide to the sort of evidence we look for in publishing reports.

Where are reported abusive players listed?

Published reports of abusive players are listed on the Index page primarily, as well as the home landing page.

Can’t anybody falsely accuse another player?

This is always a possibility and something we keep close in mind with each and every report we review. All reports submitted are subject to our best discretion in terms of legitimacy and accuracy before being published, based on a variety of factors. Throughout the course of our reviews of reports we have acquired useful insight and techniques in distinguishing between legitimate and false reports. The consequences for falsely accusing another player are severe in order to help dissuade anybody from attempting it, with at least 8 players listed on RS Justice already for having been found submitting false reports.


Can a player listed on RS Justice get his/her case removed?

Yes, see the Return Stolen Wealth page.

Can a case be made private if the stolen wealth was returned directly to the victim(s)?

No. If stolen wealth is ever returned to the rightful victim(s), that is always great news. However, the case on RS Justice will not be affected unless handled by RS Justice. Facilitating returns of wealth is a further service we offer, and we handle the process directly in order to ensure that appropriate compensation is paid out by the abusive player and fairly distributed to each legitimate victim, in accordance with RS Justice policy. We will not expend time into the matter otherwise.

What if a name/account listed on RS Justice is now under a new owner?

We hold accounts responsible for the actions that take place on them, regardless of the supposed owner.

Can’t an accused player simply change their display name to escape tracking?

A player changing his/her display name will not cause us to lose track of the current name, even if he/she were to change it many times at once via bonds, as many have mistaken for a way to escape being kept track of. This is thanks to the various methods we use to keep track of names.

Is RS Justice affiliated with Jagex Ltd?

We are not affiliated with Jagex in any way. All views expressed on this site are our own or of other Runescape players’. The screenshots used as evidence on this site have been captured from Runescape game-play (www.runescape.com) and are intended for informational and public concern purposes only. Our staff members are not Jagex staff. RS Justice has no bearing on your Runescape account whatsoever.


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20 thoughts on “FAQ

  1. Hello, first time on RS Justice. I would like to be a plaintiff in another player’s case (he is more than likely going to post it today or tomorrow), although I have no evidence. I did not take a screenshot. Although the player that I am defending DID take a screenshot. I am a witness and also a victim of the situation.

    Am I able to be considered a plaintiff to the the player’s case that he is going to post even though I don’t have a screenshot?

    Hopefully this all makes sense. Thank you.

    1. Nevermind, ignore my post. My friend clarified a little bit how RS Justice works and I don’t think we can make a case. Thank you though.

  2. Hello. Is there anyway for a person to have their name removed from this website if they pay back what they owed to previous players?

  3. Yo, apparently I am on this site. Though I never scammed anyone and have never had the name that is listen on this site. I changed my name as I was joining a clan and they looked “me” up on this website. Still have no idea how it works or why I would be on here. By the way someway to message/talk to someone directly would be awesome!

  4. Crashed some retards at bandos, and they put me on here as if I was in their team. You guys really need a way around this.

  5. so I am on this website for being accused of “scamming a saradomin hilt” the ONLY evidence they have against me is being kicked from the clan for the same reason I’m being accused of and my clan application. there is NO screenshot no real PROOF that I received this said drop. since then I’ve been getting harassed from members of the clan, the clan owner himself PMing me calling me a piece of shit (I have that screenshot) and another member via the clan asking me for 7mill cash and this accusation is all over. stupid me didn’t grab that screenshot anyway back to the main point here, no REAL proof just screenshots saying I’ve been kicked via clan blah blah blah and my clan application so without REAL PROOF OF A DROP why is my case posted on here? I know a lot about irl justice and if rs justice was ANYTHING like in real life my case would be tossed out due to LACK OF EVIDENCE i’d love a reply as to why my case is even on here? because FAMILY SCAPE is LACKING evidence thank you.

    – Blessed fish

    1. You cant really compare a video game to real life.

      The purpose is for player and clan concerns. They’re the ones who will look into it and if they’re concerned about any individual player, they have every right to know.

      – Dragon, RSJ Co-Admin.

  6. Dragon, RSK Co-Admin answer me this, I have MULTIPLE screenshots of clan members harassing me and PMing me the owner of family scape calling me a piece of sh*t, so because I have concerns of this clan and what they are doing to me I can make my own rs justice post against them ? under the harassment category ? I clearly understand one can not compare a video game to real life. BUT how can one possible accuse someone without the proper evidence

    1. Aggravated players in a clan are likely to…’harass’ you if you run off with a split or if you scam someone within said clan, so to answer your question about submitting your ‘concern’ about players in a clan; No, your vengeance submission wouldn’t be published because players called you a name, sorry for any inconvenience.

  7. I just tried to join a clan and I am apparently suspected of something on this site i have searched my name multiple times found nothing. I have gone a step further and searched every single name i previously owned and still nothing. Am I doing something wrong? I am so confused… How do i get in contact with someone from the rsjustice staff to look into this?

  8. I have a case against someone who has recently changed their username in game. Do I have to let someone know about the name change, or will it be taken care of?

  9. If a random guy agrees to split with you and you have proof of him agreeing; and he doesn’t split, is this still good to report or must he be in a clan to do so? Thanks

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