March 26, 2017 Eagle Cape 1Comment

Accused player:  Flames0ffate  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: not splitting: Saradomin Hilt (40m) (and possibly and arma chest before that)

Submitted by: Eagle Cape – Sunday, March 26, 2017

The story: Got Saradomin Hilt first kill on trip, Flames tabbed out . and deleted us from friends/logged

Sara hilt drop

No longer online/logged


Victim deleted by accused player.


Other victim’s testimony


Other victim’s testimony


Other victim deleted from accused player’s friends list



Accused player apparently has done this before.,322,293,65183177,goto,247


Date of Abuse: 2017-03-26

Victims: Eagle Cape, Green Thing

Submitted by: Eagle Cape – Sunday, March 26, 2017 @ 12:02:09 am


One thought on “Flames0ffate

  1. This dude hopped to my shamen world today and started crashing, then tried talking to me about bossing and asked me to add him… Good thing I checked this out haha

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