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Accused player:  hiigh life  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: not splitting: Twisted bow (1,260,000,000)

Submitted by: invalar – Sunday, May 20, 2018 @ 02:48:41 pm

The story: A learner raid happened in the We Do Raids discord on 20/05/2018, where a 12 man team got a unique drop of a Twisted Bow. According to our Discord rules, it states that raids are always split among the members of the team unless it is an FFA specific raid. Since this was a learner raid, normal split rules apply to this specific raid. hiigh life, or cowkillr3137#2095 was part of this learner raid. After hiigh life had received the Twisted Bow, he went to the grand exchange, taunted the victims, and quickly left the discord server. He later changed his cc settings so only friends could join it. After some investigation and PMs with his friend, hiigh life claims it was a FFA which is a blatant lie because he was taken to multiple learner raids with splits. The friend tried to persuade him to split but he was adamant on his choice. Not obliging with our discord rules and rather been known as a scammer.

One of the victims trying to join hiigh life’s cc

Date of Abuse: 2018-05-20

Victims: Dreamiiicas, DrexelShaft, El Woody, i am snake, Marzbrah, mr8dsword, Ralphed, ripHuyy11, Sckyeletor, Solus Anima, xBrianLeex

Clan: hiigh life cc + WDR discord

Submitted by: invalar – Sunday, May 20, 2018 @ 02:48:41 pm


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  1. LMAO Ironman never split in WE Do Raids. I have been in that shit clan and everytime an Iron joins they always say they can split everything but a Tbow.

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