May 28, 2017 Saviors PvM 2Comment

Accused player:  Jason Blaha  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: not splitting: Bandos Chestplate (13750000)

Submitted by: Saviors PvM – Saturday, May 27, 2017 @ 10:36:20 am

The story: Jason Blaha was recruited by known member recently (who has now resigned from cc because of undeserved ridicule.) Half Hour before trip started Blaha was talking about a suicide and his depression and we were urging him to talk to us or someone about it in irl and over just trying to validate him and stuff. Later on he asked if anyone wanted to boss with him so me(Saviors PvM), Skateboard, and Pure 0wn66 decide to join for some support( we normally duo /trio at most; skateboard doesn’t fuck with smileys in my cc) and fun. Skateboard, Pure and I are in a discord call. He wore full void with blowpipe (skate called the sniper gear but I just thought it was because he was broke?) He gets Bandos ChestPlate(BcP), doesnt celebrate and ignores us for 3 solid kills then responds finally. Then I ask him to hand over chestplate for safety and security expressed by the others and by our osrs forum rules. He doesn’t respond and after I repeatedly ask him and he ignores me he responds with what I have screen shotted that were being really aggressive and pushy. And he starts asking asking for a restore lol the fucking nerve. We say we’re done with the trip if you’re not gonna let host hold drop for split so we all telli and say to go to exchange. And he says ‘hold up let me go bathroom’ and makes us wait 5-10 minutes for him… then proceeds to stand in he for 10 more minutes the whole time just ignoring all of our cc messages. Then another member SaviorCove ask if anyone wanna boss and Jason Blaha responds to COVE and says yah I’m down. This ends like 2-3 mins later when he hops to pvp world after banking and us losing a very very smal split to begin with but it was more the nerve of the guy that I’m reporting this abuse. I read ahead and am now aware that my evidence won’t be as viable and next time will provide more sufficient evidence when coming to you guys from my cc.

Date of Abuse: 2017-05-26

Victims: Saviors PvM Pure 0wn66 Skateboard

Clan: Saviors PvM

Submitted by: Saviors PvM – Saturday, May 27, 2017 @ 10:36:20 am


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