April 20, 2017 kamix z99 1Comment

Accused player:  Thealphamale  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: stealing borrowed items: Abyssal bludgeon (39794322)

Submitted by: kamix z99 – Friday, April 14, 2017

The story: Lic yo rim, or Thealphamale, as he was called back then. Asked to borrow my abyssal bludgeon for strength training. Since i had no intention of using it at that time, i lend it to Thealphamale. He asked if he could borrow it over night, since he claimed he would be online, all day. The following day he then said to the CC that he was going on a trip. A few days later i noticed he had changed his name to “lic yo rim”. I then decided to report this.

The Abyssal bludgeon that Thealphamale stole

Proof that Thealphamale was in the CC.

Date of Abuse: 2017-04-07

Victims: kamix z99

Clan: Fslobby

Submitted by: kamix z99 – Friday, April 14, 2017 @ 10:05:35 am


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  1. In support of Kamix, I would like to add my input if permissable. Lic yo Rim applied as Thealphamale to our cc prior to applying to fslobby cc. Our cc has a rule “no multiclanning”, Thealpamale was under watch, suspecting he was in fact multiclanning. Approximately a couple weeks after joining the cc he changed his name to “lic yo rim”. That name change is borderline against jagex rules for offensive name. I spoke to him about changing it and he said he would, however, that never happened. Then the owner of fslobby got in touch with me and proceeded to explain what lic yo rim had done to kamix. I tried very hard to reach lic yo rim and get kamix his equipment back. But, it seems lic yo rim has deleted me and all others who was on his friends list. I have some screenies showing where he changed his application on our forum thread on April 15, he deleted his app (which was March 30th) and changed it to “bump”. I also have a screenie showing he has deleted me from his friends list. Please let me know where to post the screenies, thank you.

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