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Accused player:  Meve Skills  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: other_(Faking evidence to remove a listed player): 0gp (0gp)

Submitted by: RSJ Veq – Saturday, May 26, 2018 @ 02:40:26 am

The story: RS Justice staff were approached by ‘Meve221#2783’ on discord. Meve advised he was the original ‘Meve Skills’ who was previously scammed by [current name] ‘Wewt’, or ‘topman’.

Meve221#2783 advised topman/Wewt had split the tbow with him now and would like the case to be removed.

A link to the original case can be found here:

The below evidence demonstrates how this was set up to make it appear like Wewt had split the tbow, and that the Meve Skills we were approached by was not the true victim of the scam:


Discord Conversation:


Zoomed in photo of the imgur screenshot sent 05/18/2018, Meve Skills attempting to confirm it is genuinely him:



Discord conversation continued:


Zoomed in imgur screenshots, again discussing the split and showing a trade screen:


Discord conversation continued:


In game conversation:


The ‘real’ Meve Skills hiscores (taken January 2017):

The Meve Skills who approached us to tell us it has been split (taken 26th May 2018):


Meve Skills on CML:

Keggyx hiscores (taken 26th May 2018):



Date of Abuse: 2018-05-26

Victims: Keggyx (Formerly Meve Skills)

Submitted by: RSJ Veq – Saturday, May 26, 2018 @ 02:40:26 am


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