RS Justice under New Ownership:


Although many of our close followers and members of our discord channel were already aware, as of Mid 2017 (officially 7th July 2017), RS Justice went under new management.

After many months of alterations to operation, we are happy to announce several changes to the way RS Justice works and processes. The list is compiled of mainly changes that will affect you, as a user of the site, as opposed to internal operational changes.

All changes to RS Justice have been implemented based on input from various players of the game of all status’. We believe that the changes completed are currently requisite to move RS Justice forward in our aim to provide a fair and just system for all of Old School RuneScape. If there is anything that you personally feel should be addressed or changed, please feel free to contact RSJ Veq#9884 on Discord. We are here as a community support function and would like to hear your thoughts.


The Fundamental Refinements:

1. Required evidence is far more clear and precise, consequently less circumstantial.

2. No or low evidence cases are no longer a thing, although existing cases have been moved to ‘private cases’ instead of being deleted so we can maintain a record outside of public viewing. Any new submissions will be dismissed if they have no/low evidence. Furthermore, due to the amount of cases on RS Justice, some of these cases may still exist on the site. In the event you find a questionable case, please contact VK Veq or Dragon via the RS Justice discord to let us know so the case can be reviewed and potentially be removed from public viewing.

3. Cases in which an accused has already paid the victim back without processing the money through RSJ, and can prove it, will be placed into appealed cases like any cases that have the returned wealth processed through RSJ. This will likely need a victim testimony.

4. ‘Inconvenience Fees’ are interpreted based on length of time taken to return the wealth, treatment of the victim post-scam by the accused, treatment of RS Justice staff during the process and co-operation in returning the wealth. All money gathered through Inconvenience Fees, as per before, are provided entirely to the victim. RS Justice does not and will not profit from any transaction via this website.

5. All cases, no matter how the accused behaved during the process, will be moved to appealed players if they return the items. This does not mean that unfair behaviour, lying or being uncooperative with the victim or RS Justice will not increase the fee on an appealed case. We believe every person listed on this site has a chance at redemption, should they own up to their substandard behaviour and successfully appeal their case. 

6. Cases where an accused cannot be removed from RS Justice by a simple trade transaction, for example DDoSing or hacking, have to have extremely strong evidence or will not be posted at all. This is because it is very difficult for a person to redeem themselves for this and consequently be removed from the site. We understand evidence can be hard to gather regarding this, so please accept our apologies if any such cases are rejected. In most cases like this, we would advise you strongly to contact Jagex at instead.

7. Methodologies have been put into place to actively seek victims of returned wealth cases, as opposed to waiting for them to check the site. This means that through these techniques we are able to contact a lot more victims than prior and return retrieved wealth.

8. A ‘jury’ has been introduced for complex cases, where we believe an outside look can be provided by players of the game, for example, when a case is submitted with evidence that is debatable. The jury are selected from clan leaders in the RSJ discord to make a more fair decision, as opposed to having one person having the final say. Any cases that are brought into question following publication onto the site can again be reviewed by the Jury even after initial release to the public.




Please accept our thanks on behalf of the whole team at RS Justice for your continued support of the site.

Furthermore, a special thanks to all RS Justice’s prior staff.