Return stolen wealth and have your case removed from RS Justice

In facilitating reports of abuse, RS Justice does not attempt to label any reported players as ‘de-facto’ abusive; The website is simply a public bulletin board of reports of abuse, so to speak, where the evidence within any given case should be the primary substantiating factor behind the accusation(s). A case lacking evidence is a case lacking merit, but as a public virtual venue such reports may still remain published. With that said, RS Justice gives reported players a chance to get their case removed from the public eye if they wish to settle the accusation with the plaintiff by way of adequate compensation for alleged damages. Settling an accusation will imply accepting the accusation with the desire to make things right with the plaintiff(s).

If you wish to settle your case and return stolen wealth the gp will need to be middle-manned by an RS Justice admin. The steps are quick and simple:

  1. Add and direct message Nibss#8239, Jumanji#4747 or Unsaf3st#8729  on Discord
  2. Meet in Runescape to trade RSN’s: Nibss, Jumanji or TNT Unsafest the stolen wealth in GP
  3. Your case on RS Justice gets removed right then and there