Since 2014, Approximately 146 players listed on RS Justice have settled their cases by returning stolen wealth to victims. An estimate of 5,827,700,000 GP has been recovered, if not more!

1/28/2018 8m GP Returned To DB Sparcs

11/13/2017  54.3m gp returned to Hexis Dat, 1Tick Autism!

10/19/2017 12m total returned to Asap Main and FiveDollar

10/19/2017 18m total returned to RuneScrap and E cLa T

10/3/2017 14m returned to C4 N Jack3d (Jack3d K0)

9/9/2017 200m returned to OSRS Baker / Call Me Baker

9/6/2017 Afk Jasper / Tr0nd 7.7m returned

8/3/2017 Drra (Tophat) 2.8m (bgs)

8/2/2017 Genk / Im True/ SKITSAMMA -> 17m

34m 7/13/2017 -> PvP Razor

125m 7/7/2017

6m 7/3/2017

6m 7/3/2017

6m 7/3/2017

One thought on “Returned Stolen Wealth

  1. I see i’m part of the RS Justice, this is surprising news to me, i would like to contact the player and pay this back in full and get my name off of this, please.

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