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“You calling me a scammer?”

| Submitted by: Wenkey



Have evidence on this case? Please submit screenshots in a comment below.


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  1. Just to clarify as this has no actual evidence other than your word vs. my word, whether you will admit it or not, in no way did I ask to ‘borrow’ the whip because to be honest I have enough money to buy them, let’s just level this as it happened, although I’m sure you will dispute and probably not have any screenshots to back it up…

    We fought in the wildy, you skulled with your whip in a fight vs. me you lost said fight thus losing your whip, as a key to help you out here.

    First mistake, entered wildy.
    Second mistake, skulled with gear you obviously didn’t want to/couldn’t afford to lose.
    Third mistake, got really bitter about it and here we are.

    well known that you never take anything in the wildy you aren’t willing to lose, by all means post up any trade screenshots of me borrowing your whip 🙂 if you can’t find them unfortunately I haven’t screenshotted the kill as I didn’t really deem it worthy would have done if I had known how bitter you are.

    1. There isn’t definitive proof that it was a loan though. He could have pked it and said, “yeah, I’ll give you the whip back.” After seeing he was accusing Sloth of being a scammer, Sloth changed his mind. The concept of “borrowing” can be completely removed from the evidence and it still makes sense. I think a screen cap confirming a borrow would make this solid proof.

  2. Evidence from the victim telling me he died to sl0th, says sl0th agreed to give whip back after fight, which is only victims word against the accused. The above claim of it being a borrowed whip is false.

    Can the victim provide evidence that sl0th agreed to giving items back after death?


  3. was there ever any update with regards to this, It was due further investigation, but nothing since.


    S L 0 T H

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