By using RS Justice:


Use Runescape forums to accept applications to your clan.

We are constantly on the look out for scammers applying to new clans, and the only way we can see this and warn those clans is if the scammer posts an application to your clan’s recruitment thread. If a scammer changes their name twice at once and applies to your clan, checking for their name on RS Justice would be useless at that point in time until we update the name. Make all new applicants apply on your clan’s forum thread so that we, or disgruntled victims, can alert you. In addition, this provides an official record of that player being in your clan, which is something that we look for in reports of abuse in terms of evidence.

Check the previous names of players applying to your clan.

As well as checking the current names of players applying to your clan, be sure to check their previous name as well, since often enough players listed on RS Justice change their name and then apply to a new clan. For extra precaution double check the names of new members from the past 3 days on RS Justice.

Mention and warn about RS Justice in a prominent place on your forum thread.

This acts as a warning to scammers that your clan will be reporting any abuse to RS Justice. It also helps advertise the website; When more players know about us, more abusive players are reported and thus known to us all.

We suggest adding a question like this to your clan’s application form in order to really get players to think twice before scamming in your clan:

Do you understand that scamming in this clan will result in you being listed on RS Justice, a list that all clans use to prevent scammers from joining their clan?

Remind your clan members to take screenshots of all drops and items loaned, etc. or to not loan items out at all.

This results in stronger evidence against a player should they scam. It also ensures that the player who abused your clan will not be accepted into any other clan on account of the strong report that was made against him/her. Finally, this could all lead to the abusive player deciding to return the stolen wealth. Under our stance on sufficient evidence, this will be a major factor in supporting any claim.

Utilise the RS Justice Discord bot

The RS Justice Discord bot not only allows you to check any given name to see if it’s listed on RS Justice but your entire memberlist very quickly, returning any matches. Click here to add the bot to your clan’s discord.