Abuse in Runescape is defined by RS Justice according to the terminology and criteria found on this page.

RS Justice admins determine whether or not reports of abuse meet these terms before being published.

We do not blacklist raid kicks. The reason being is that this also affects the accused and not just you. Also, there is no item that has been scammed or lost from the victim.

If you were kicked or removed from the group AFTER a party member has gotten a drop, with evidence of the party agreeing to split between the group before the raid ends (before the drop), this may meet the terms of abuse, provided there be enough evidence to back up your case.


Stealing Borrowed Items

Borrowing items or gold and not returning it within the agreed upon time frame or when requested by the lender; The obvious intent on keeping borrowed items.


Not Splitting

Receiving valuables (e.g. a monster drop) within a team setting [under a consensual or implicit expectancy for such valuables to be shared equally with every team member involved] but failing to share and within a typical and reasonable time frame.



  • The conscious attempt or action of leading another player into a situation or location whereby that player’s items or gp were or would be lost.
  • Participating in a scheme designed to make a player lose their items.
  • Taking advantage of a player’s lack of clear knowledge or judgement in such a way that the player loses items/gp as a result.

Trade-screen Deception

The obvious intent to manipulate a trade-screen transaction with another player, usually to the effect of that player losing valuable items/gp.


Withholding payment for services rendered or virtual goods received

Offering payment to another player for a service or good but failing to pay once the service has been completed or virtual goods have been received.

Account Hijacking

The unauthorized access or the abuse of granted access of another player’s Runescape account.



Reckless handling of valuables/assets; Liability. When other players are negatively affected by another player’s careless, irresponsible behavior. E.g., a player receiving a drop and handing that drop over to another player who then does not split the drop; The player who receives a drop is always responsible for it being split fairly (except when required to hand over drops to a clan leader). 

An account getting hijacked is also considered reckless on the part of the original owner due to the proper precautions not being put in place to protect his/her account.

“When people are hijacked they’ve almost always indirectly allowed it in some way by not following common sense account security practices.” – Mod Infinity & Mod SteveW (source)

While the recklessness of getting hijacked in and of itself will not get a player listed on RS Justice, a hijacked account found to have abused additional players (e.g., stealing borrowed items from the player’s friends) will remain on RS Justice even when apparently back within the original owner’s control. This is because not only is the account now a liability but there is no sure way for us to verify whether an account has truly been hijacked or the player is just using getting hijacked as an excuse to get away with stealing borrowed items from his/her friends. Due to these circumstances we feel obligated to flag the account altogether as being questionable. We strongly encourage players to follow the tips given under Account Hijacking for protecting their accounts.


The attempt to obtain and exploit sensitive information related to a player’s Runescape account. Phishing is closely related to account hi-jacking (see above). Often involves bogus links and websites designed to extract or steal information related to your RS account.


Denial of Service attack on a player’s internet connection. The manipulation of a player’s IP Address, affecting a player’s online status/experience.


Looting Items

Retrieving a team mate’s items dropped on death and not returning the items to him/her.

Note: Due to Oldschool Runescape’s new “temporary” death mechanics, looting is no longer much of an issue since there is currently a 1 hour grace period for players to pick their items back up (as a solution to the Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) Runescape servers were experiencing).


There are surely many other potential types of abuse that can be inflicted on a player, the above being the most commonly dealt with by RS Justice. In most cases even the attempt itself of inflicting abuse on another player is reportable.

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