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This is the alt account for the owner of this account – http://rsjustice.com/scared/ 

Alt Account:  Try 

Main AccountScared  

Accused of: luring: None, attempted lure for 2.5b (n/a)

Submitted by: Chrus – Wednesday, May 23, 2018 @ 10:41:20 am

The story: I was just minding my business at the GE when I saw this guy whose name I recognised from the OSRS stream highlights, called Scared. I commented on that, saying how I think he’s an awesome pker and we talked about staking and stuff, and I picked up early on he had too much of an interest in my bank. He then told me to help him with an anti-lure, and offered to call me on discord to help him out. I played dumb saying I can’t call, people are asleep, I can’t screenshare my pc is too old to support it, etc etc. as I knew he’d suss me straight away if he could see me typing and what not.
So he takes me to Wintertotd and explains everything, gets me to hop worlds, I witness him “being lured” and I “anti-lure” by picking up a SOTD (7m~). Apparently, I failed because I picked up before he dropped the Arcane (145m) so he was like, “oh bad luck man it’s only your first time, we’ll anti-lure another one soon, they’re everywhere!”. I already knew this was all a lure, but wasn’t sure how exactly they’d take my items so I went along with it.
So we go back to the GE and he tells me to hop around until someone trades me and asks me to win some items, and sure enough after about 5minutes, I log in and get traded. I go along with it and end up in the bank in Lovakengj. In hindsight I was stupid as I was simply a trade away from losing 2.5b – not considering stalls at all at this point. However, they failed to do it in my first trade, and I banked my stuff shortly after, and let it play out.
In the end, I get names and tell the guy I’ve been recording and know it’s a scam, at which point he goes nuts flaming me and saying he’ll doxx me (which he/his minions actually have attempted, gathering some very useless but creepy info on me). Someone explained the lure to me afterwards and it scared me how close I came.

The other players involved were, at the time, called: farm burnner / neckit / CheezOlmlet / briddarmen99
/ iluvgelato / ptolemy, as can be seen in the video attached in the imgur album.

The guy is a streamer and banned me permanently from his chat for calling him out. Twitch user may be provided by victim or RsJ administration.

Confirmation of alt account




https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Ems9eaUxME This video shows most of the lure.

the pre-lure to get you hooked

Date of Abuse: 2018-05-02

Victims: Chrus

Clan: n/a

Submitted by: Chrus – Wednesday, May 23, 2018 @ 10:41:20 am

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