September 30, 2016 Damian 3Comment

Submitted by: Duxel

Wed, Sep 28, 2016

ACC– USED PLAYER (at time of abuse): W hy

ACCUSATION: Stealing Borrowed Gp (5m)



I was fishing at catherby when “W hy” pmed me saying that he needed a 10m loan. I didn’t feel like trusting him with 10m, even though the last time i saw him and talked to him his bank was over 1b. He kept me added for the day, and after a few hours he asked me for more which seemed sketchy to me. Today when I checked his chat I could see that my smiley had been removed and he had deleted me. It was only 5m so i’m not that mad as have a 14b bank. I am just reporting this for his clans + other friends benefit so that he can not do this again.

May justice be served.

Kind regards,


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3 thoughts on “unzip me

  1. He is a rank in ice poseidon CC.
    He owes a clan member 10M aswell.
    He lost all his bank staking (+-6B).
    He changed his name to “Deirdra”

  2. W hy is a known scammer that uses cheat engines on stream to make people think he has money. He once said he’d give me 50m gp for my nudes but he never paid up :/

  3. Adrian has also scammed another player for 5m known as “beatufiul O” for 5m saying he would borrow it and pay it back, yet never did.

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