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Crime at Corp

| Submitted by: Sigil Search



Have evidence on this case? Please submit screenshots in a comment below.


10 thoughts on “N3v3r2L8

  1. I’m from Destiny Pvm, the clan that Yurmudder420 is in. He has split multiple sigils with us. Well over 100m in splits with our clan. He told us that he split. I have a hard believing that this post is legit.

    1. dude walked with the arcane, why would i waste my time posting this if i got a 16m split from the guy ?

  2. also after i found him in that world he hopped after he was confronted. and if he is legit where is his proof he didnt scam?

  3. Where are the screenshots of him agree’ing to meet at ge like you said he did? I find it odd you have 0 text from the player accused but claim he was a rank in your clan.

  4. bro, this kid was doing corp with me and 2 buddies (not a clan), and he got onyx bolts as a drop and just left lol. Like its only 1.8m and it was weeks ago so its whatever. But as soon as I saw this I reconized the name.

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