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Accused player:  A67  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: not splitting: Twisted Bow (973m total, but would be split with nuggs and buloz)

Submitted by: Buloz – Friday, September 1, 2017 @ 11:22:22 pm

The story: We were doing trio raid with clan mates A67 and Nuggs and when the one clan mate “A67” got a twisted bow he freaked out for about 5 mins then logged out and blocked everyone on discord. His discord is TranceHD#0053, but he most likely deleted the account by now to get rid of all evidence. We have multiple people in the Get High discord that took screenshots of being blocked by him also so if you need more proof you are welcome to come scout our discord and ask around.

Tbow drop in A67 name at 12:46 AM central


him leaving discord call at 12:59 AM central

him having me blocked on discord 12:54 AM central him having me blocked

him having “nuggs” blocked at 10:53 PM/12:53AM central


screenshot showing “A67” is TranceHD and has split in past in the Get High Clan Discord.


A clan staff testifying that the incident happened and the accused has at least deleted the victims.

Date of Abuse: 2017-09-02

Victims: Nuggs, Buloz

Clan: Get High

Submitted by: Buloz – Friday, September 1, 2017 @ 11:22:22 pm


19 thoughts on “Trance 27

    1. If it would be FFA type of raid, why would A67 block and ignore list all of us?

      Plus as dough said the only time we do FFA is when we do mass events!

  1. I did not scam the bow, lmao. Just saw this page. This was a FFA and they know it. The only reason I left the discord was because I was being harassed. No point in staying in there if everyone is gonna throw a hissy fit. I don’t care if you make a page, honestly, just funny the lengths salty people will go through.

    1. He claims people harassed him in the CC yet he did over 80 raids with nuggs and i. If people were harassing you in the CC why didnt you leave way before you scammed a tbow? And also if it was just the CC harassing you why did you delete both nuggs and i because we were not apart of any “harassment” if so i want proof of it. Otherwise no one will believe your fake news.

  2. This is absolute lies. You are lying to yourself! You did scam the bow I can’t believe you are tryna get away with it with those evidences!

  3. I was being harassed after getting the bow. It’s weird how they can say “FFA”, but as soon as they see it in someone else’s name, there’s a problem. No point in staying if you’re gonna get yelled out for not being “fair”. Pftt. Thanks for making this page for me. It’s like a shrine in my name. The legacy lives on.

    1. For all the people that believe we harrased A67 check the timestamps on when he left the discords and when he recieved the drop it was within minutes which means if we did “harass” him he blocked us and left a clan he was in for months within 5 minutes of being so called harassed. Also every single trio raid the clan has ever done together was a split raid, if it was a FFA im sure A67 would have a screenshot of us saying its a FFA to prove we werent doing a split raid this one time just in case. But he does not have such screenshot since he is lying to cover himself. GG A67 goodluck on maxing alone since no clan will ever accept you.

  4. Him and his friends are now attempting to get new PVMers to download an EXE file called switcher claiming it to be a AHK 5 Way switch. It is a keylogger.
    Be warned

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