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Accused player:  Captain of S  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: not splitting: Twisted Bow (1,076,749,994)

Submitted by: Blanke – Sunday, June 18, 2017

The story: Captain of S had gotten the twisted drop. The team Ca le and Dingus C0n were outside the raid area and were shown the bow in trade. Afterwards, he deafened himself on Discord and a minute later he logged offline from Discord and Runescape. He removed everyone from the clan and removed himself from the discord group. I was in the discord when this all happened and experienced this firsthand.

Player has attempted to fake screenshots in order to get off RsJ.

Date of Abuse: 2017-06-17

Victims: Ca le, Dingus C0n

Clan: Godsquad PvM

Submitted by: Blanke – Sunday, June 18, 2017 @ 03:45:33 pm


18 thoughts on “Stinkerd

  1. I made a seperate acount to track this piece of shits name changes. He double switched from “buckler” to “mutadiles”

  2. this is not true, we agreed FFA on discord. I got a few people who were in the chat who can confirm it and there is 0% effidence that I scammed it, I left the clan because I made enough money (that was my goal of joining the clan at that moment) and I was sick of waiting for people to smoke crack every raid (had to wait 10-15min every raid). I never scammed, they wanted a split because we always go in big teams and this time we decided to go 3man ffa, and because they said the split was still very high, I should be splitting but that is not what we agreed so I decided to leave the clan. Comment here if u need people to confirm it.

    1. why would you have Photoshoped images trying to clear your name if everything is “not true?” Be a big boy and own up to what you have done, give the people the splits they deserve, and move on with your life.

  3. What mutadiles is saying is pure BULLSHIT
    Me and menace as clanleaders can confirm that there has not been hosted one FFA raid in the “Godsquad pvm” Clan chat

    There whas never been said it whas FFA, mutadiles even invited me for that one raid he got the tbow on and i whas at sara gwd, so he asked me is ca le legit trustable to raid with and i confirmed that ca le whas legit.

    Why would he ask me if he is legit if its FFA anyways.

  4. I can confirm that he scammed the bow. He mentioned my name in one of the screenshots but i can confirm but this bow is indeed scammed. He also deleted me on his account after he scammed the bow.

  5. @ esco, proof that please because it was FFA, Mevr can back me up and I want concreet proof of it not being free for all before you bullshit me with RSJ because what ur saying doesn’t make sense, I never scammed someone and I never will.

    @ Anynomous: where is your proof that we were splitting? This thread doesn’t hold without effidence.

    And Ive done some FFA’s before with clan mates.

  6. I dont need to proof that it whas no FFA, YOU come up with screenies that it whas ffa, ME AND MENACE both can confirm that WE DO NOT ffa in OUR clan. You dont need to tell us what we do and what we dont in MY CLAN. Al you are trying now is getting your name cleared from RSJ so you can go pride in another clan with your scammed bow.
    Until you can post screens that this whas ffa it will be a scammed bow.
    We dont need to prove anymore, Its you who got to prove that we are wrong wich is inpossible.
    Gl mister scammer

  7. i cna confirm to this day there has not been one free for all hosted in this clan chat, also it was a trio raid team ffa trio raids tell me who does that,
    I have given this player my time and help and he scammed 2 of my good members I am disgusted and disappointed.

  8. I want to note that Mutadiles mentions his friend, Mevrouw, but Mevrouw is his real life friend who left the clan with Mutadiles after he scammed the twisted bow.

    1. haha what menance said just like 100% what i was thinking, if you were so innocent why would you fake images , who the f would free for all a 1.2b drop gtfo with that bs haha

  9. Disclaimer: I know none of these people and I am an random person just browsing RSJ. The guy Mutadiles is full of shit. If he was really innocent he wouldn’t have faked images to try and clear his name. That in itself should be enough evidence to prove what a twat of a person he/she is. Also ya’ll need to learn a concept known as grammar, some of these posts people have written and the screenshots posted have atrocious grammar, it makes me want to punch a little crippled child.

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