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Katie Webb

Accused player:  Clean Diana  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: stealing borrowed items: Twisted Bow (1103M)

Submitted by: D ory – Sunday, February 4, 2018 @ 02:06:13 pm

The story: Over the last few days, ‘Clean Diana’ has been doing inferno attempts with an Armadyl Crossbow, has been getting to Zuk, but hasn’t been able to defeat it. Today, February 4th, he was asking the cc for a Twisted Bow loan, for his next two attempts cause he was sure he was going to defeat it. Viki had been doing a lot of pvm with Clean Diana over the last three months and have split a good amount of drops together as well as lending him various other items and receiving them back, so she thought he could trust him. After accepting the bow, he went on to ask her for an Arcane to upgrade his mage’s book, she said no. Around 15 minutes later viki asked for her bow back as her friend just got on, Clean Diana was still at the GE, and she wanted to go do some raids. Clean Diana then deleted her and double changed his RSN.

Viki trading her twisted bow to Clean Diana.

Viki asking for her twisted bow back, and then Clean Diana logs out/deletes her.

Minutes before Clean Diana double name changed and locked their cc.

Clean Diana namechanges twice.

viki trying to join the cc, showing that they deleted her and locked cc.

Confirmation from clan account that Clean Diana has been banned from the clan.

“Clean Diana” posting their application to Ascend, name at the time was Toxic Senpai.


Accused player attempted to join a clan after the scam, whose application requires a statement of bank wealth.


Accused player went back to the original post and changed their estimated bank worth.


On 4th March 2018, one month after the scam, RS Justice were provided with additional screenshots of a conversation with the accused. Here you can see an attempt to lie and cover up the editing of his bank value on his application.




Date of Abuse: 2018-02-04

Victims: viki

Clan: Ascend, Ascend PvM

Submitted by: D ory – Sunday, February 4, 2018 @ 02:06:13 pm


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  1. The evidence is pretty weak to be honest, it does not show any confirmation of the trade nor does it show any evidence of “Clean Diana” (will refer to as Diana) asking for arcane spirit shield. However, it is rather suspicious for Diana to change their names twice after the incident alongside blocking “Viki” from their clan chat. We cannot jump to conclusions based on assumptions, we can assume that Diana took the Twisted bow and took the following actions, but due to there being no solid evidence of Diana accepting the trade and taking the bow, we cannot really accuse someone of “scamming” without having solid answers and evidence.

    Just a few questions to ask:
    Do we have an estimated bank value for Diana?

    Did she have a Twisted bow before?

    Do we have any evidence of Diana with the Twisted bow?

    Why would Viki lend someone a Twisted bow she has only known for couple months without collateral?

    Has anyone spoken to Diana to find out the reasons behind this?

    What rank was Diana in the clan?

    Can we get someone to talk to Diana to figure out the whole scenario?

    Neither of the screenshots state that the Twisted bow was actually traded over, screenshot #2 does not state that Diana took the Twisted bow either, can Viki provide further evidence?



    1. My thoughts exactly.
      I was curious about Diana’s side to this mainly because this entire post is based off Viki’s side and seems very biased so i added Diana in game to see if she would give me an insight of her side of the story and her side of the story is completely different to the evidence being shown here as she states that she is being set up.
      I will not post the details of what she said on this comment but i highly advice someone from RSJustice reach out to Diana about this because it all seems very suspicious from Viki’s side.

  2. I’m a general from ascend pvm and we did not make this rsj case one sided or biased, clean diana/first Yokno has not provided any screenshots that could be used to prove him innocent only he said/she said. He claims he lost a bet to some of his friends he had over and they happened to change his name minutes after he got the tbow lend, then proceeded to name change a second time. Also took the time to delete viki, and many other members within the cc aswell as locking his cc. Why wouldn’t you add viki to your ignore list if you’re innocent and contact one of the clan staff members about her pm’s.

    Also, 2 rsj staff members have been contacted by “first yonko” and have had to add him to their ignore list for repeatedly harassing them, saying his case is only up for “fee money”. still hasn’t provided any proof of being innocent. Feel free to pm me in game rsn: DankumZ

  3. I spoke to the accused not too long ago, after a bit of talking, they don’t seem to have a very good story to back themselves up, I asked once on a different account about what happened and why they changed their name twice, the first response they gave was that they “lost a bet” and had to change their name due to losing said bet, and claimed they were being set up by viki, which is very doubtful after I heard their excuse when I asked on a different account, my second time asking why they double changed their name I was given a different response, this time the excuse was that they changed due to being flamed by ex clan mates for taking viki’s bow.

    Now, if I’m being given two different reasons as to why they double changed, and during no time at all in the second conversation did they mention anything about losing a bet, I believe that they did indeed take viki’s bow, and now they’re making up excuses/lies trying to get out of it, because they realise the impact being on RSJ does, I’ve also checked their forum activity and any clan they’ve attempted to join since the incident have declined every application, so it’s not unreasonable to say that after they took the bow, they realised they will be unable to join any PvM clan in the future, and are now very desperate to get themselves off of here. I also have screenshots of both conversations with First Yonko, so if anyone would like to see them to confirm the different excuses I was given, I’m more than open to sharing.

    And finally, I also spoke to someone who is a good friend of viki’s, and they said that Ascend PvM had no knowledge of the scam until after Clean Diana had already double changed to First Yonko, and I was given screenshots as proof to this from the discord, First Yonko also ignored a clan leader when they were spoken to and highlighted. So after all of this I believe that First Yonko DID indeed take viki’s bow, and is now doing anything they can to gather sympathy or hope someone helps get them off of here, I have screenshots for everything I’ve said here, if anyone wants to see just let me know.

    TL;DR First Yonko scammed a twisted bow and now wants to get off of RSJ by making up lies.

  4. You have not left a means of contacting you Anon – please forward these conversations onto RSJ Veq via discord.

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