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Accused player:  High Jordan  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: stealing borrowed items: Twisted bow (989.6m)

Submitted by: 10hp raider – Tuesday, September 26, 2017 @ 09:13:30 am

The story: High Jordan was a very good ‘friend’ of mine for 3 years, giving him my bank many times in those 3 years and he gave it back. I got a Twisted Bow drop and lent it to him(9/20/2017) to rebuild his main and to get bonds on his ironman, as of (9/25/2017) he has blocked all communication, Twitter, Snapchat, Discord, Facebook. I have found him in game before and asked him and he has just logged out.

The trade between me and High Jordan giving him the Twisted Bow and yew logs he was suppose to sell for arrows.

High Jordan blocking me on discord.

Screenshot of my main and skiller’s rank in High Jordan’s friends chat showing that he removed me.

Here is him blocking me on twitter.

Me messaging him on a new twitter account asking him what this is about, and from the bottom you can see he blocked me again.

Date of Abuse: 2017-09-25

Victims: 10hp Raider

Submitted by: 10hp raider – Tuesday, September 26, 2017 @ 09:13:30 am


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  1. I know both people in the story personally. Sucks too keep seeing this type of thing happen to good people just trying to look out for friends.

    10hp raider contacted me on snap chat about this happening and I seen Jordan left the group.

    Good luck man.

  2. No proof of trade acceptance= not credible enough evidence to make this a valid claim anyone can screenshot someone trolling a trade and call it scamming.

  3. I know both these players personally they had a real life fallout between friends and now one is trying to discredit the other with false facts to everyone unless everyone has the full facts this shouldn’t even be on rsj.

  4. Rofl you are staying on here you little thief, I still can’t believe you took my bow. How much did you RWT that for Jordan? or did you keep it? you should have just done this the day I gave it to you. Bro you blocked me on everything I even tried to talk to your girlfriend and you blocked me on hers. You are a very sad person Jordan I hope you get the help you need, if you steal pixels you got bigger problems.

  5. Real life fallout? Sydala I don’t know you and you don’t know me. I can show you every single message we ever sent, not a single argument. I honestly can’t believe he is trying to rope as many friends into this as much as he can. I was talking with his friend Josh for a little while he was going to help me get to the bottom of this but, High Jordan got him to block me on discord as well, I’m assuming he’s giving him a % of the RWT. Sadly High Jordan is a terrible pvmer, so bad in fact I had to get him his fire cape on his ironman. He could never earn enough cash for a twisted bow ever. Only reason he would have a single raid kill count would have been because I carried him threw it. I am over the fact that he has stolen pixels from me and I hope he is man enough to own up.

  6. I know both players use to play pubg with high Jordan and he has now deleted me off of discord and steam no need to do that if he didn’t do anything wrong. Hate to see scummy people get wealth from good people don’t need high Jordan in this community stick to your iron man cunt no1 likes you

  7. all the evidence is there I know both players high Jordan has deleted me off of discord and steam…stick to your ironman kid no1 likes you

  8. “I didn’t steal your bow” lmfaooooooo good one. Generally innocent people don’t block someone who lent them a tbow on every means of contact they have, just sayin. It’s incredible to me that someone who can’t even get his own fire cape all of the sudden made enough money for a tbow overnight xdxdxd. He’s a god of the scrub tier PvMers in this game and even then he has to scam to get there. I’ve known 10hp raider for over 10 years and this isn’t the first time he’s been scammed trying to be nice and help someone out. Difference is he’ll get past it cause he’s not losing any friends and he’s actually skilled enough to make his own money xD

  9. if someone tried contacting my girlfriend through social media I would block them too. Plus very badass staked his entire account on his main less than a week before this claim was made. Seems like a scam claim of a twisted bow is a pretty good way to get all of his gear that was lost back. no proof of trade acceptance either way. Also making false claims that other people are involved is not only sad, but proof that this is a fabricated case.

    1. @Goldtrim2 First of all, the person commenting under “high jordan”s name isn’t even him.
      and about your second comment, you’re just assuming he’s commenting under anonymous while i can clearly see the anonymous comments are under different IPs.
      and last but not least, i’ve seen other people on this case making false claims on very badass which i can personally confirm were false and i removed those. And funnily enough you’re here claiming very badass staked his bank, which you can’t prove, and that he’s commenting under anonymous, which clearly is a false claim made by you.
      Meekes -RSJustice case manager.

  10. I am pretty certain that the “anonymous” posts are probably from the “victim” leaving nameless comments to try make it seem like others believe in his lies. otherwise, why leave it anonymous?

  11. @meekes i am not saying that he is for sure commenting under the anonymous names, idk how to look at the ip’s on those who commented. I was just stating that it is a bit weird. And secondly, you are right, i cannot prove that he staked his bank because i didnt record the audio when i was in the discord, because… why the hell would I? but i can tell you he did stake his bank, he was at the duel arena and lost everything to one single player. Again, I cannot prove it, but i assure you that it did happen.

  12. Saying I staked my bank? Rofl you mean like High Jordan did so many time and I helped his trash pvm ass make his bank back but you know he RWT’d by bow to get back all the gold he has had to buy from other websites because he is so trash. I don’t stake idiot so that’s how I know you don’t know me, just another one of Jordans Fuck Boi’s trying to stand up for his pathetic ass. He can’t fight his own battles in runescape or real life.. Get help kid.

    1. lol you can say you didnt stake it all you want. I was in discord with you when you did it. you raged, knocked a bunch of stuff off your desk and then left discord. Lie all you want but i was there.

  13. Haha in discord when I did what? A stake and lost? Lol but so if I did “rage stake my entire bank” how much was said rage stake? or stakes I did? and if I lost my “bank” how would you explain my bank?

  14. High jordan scammed me for an sgs when we did duo sara, to bad i have no proof of that. Happy to see him on this website. Thanks!

    Greets, Dark iron9

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