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Accused player:  Leipoo  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: stealing borrowed items: Ancestral set, imbued heart, pegasian boots, Arcane spirit shield, tormented bracelet (550m)

Submitted by: Machtigeman – Saturday, May 6, 2017

The story:
I was close friends with this clan member for well over a year and had no issue believing I could trust him, as previously he had borrowed smaller amounts (+- 200m) of money from me on rs. I would regularly do zulrah at the same time as he would, talking a lot during. We would safespot callisto alot as well. After doing zulrah with him one day I had to leave and decided to lend him 550m in absolute max zulrah gear for the day. I recently bought the ancestral set and set myself a new personal best. I wanted to give him the opportunity to set a record himself as well. This max zulrah gear included an ancestral robes set, an arcane spirit shield, a tormented bracelet, an imbued heart and a pair of pegasian boots. I did not feel the need to screenshot this trade as I regularly lended him gear. A few hours later, I noticed that Leipoo had blocked me on twitch, which was concerning since it was how we kept in contact while we weren’t online. I messaged another clan mate to see if Leipoo was online and he wasn’t. When I logged on, I found that Leipoo had claimed to be “hacked” for everything, and after the clan seemed suspicious, he deleted everyone, as nobody from the clan had a smiley in Leipoo’s cc anymore. It was at this point, clear that I was not getting any items back from him and he was banned from the clan chat “07 helpers”, however it was still possible for Leipoo to contact members of the clan who kept him on their friends list, including myself. As for today I ran into him at the GE and I asked him about the items. That is how I obtained the evidence.

Date of Abuse: 9 april 2017

Victims: Machtigeman

Clan: 07 Helpers

Submitted by: Machtigeman – Saturday, May 6, 2017 @ 08:10:02 am


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  1. As leader of 07 helpers cc I can confirm this happened. Also leipoo probs staked it all away already lets be honest

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