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Accused player:  Lumby  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: stealing borrowed items: Dragon Hunter Crossbow (81.6m)

Submitted by: Local God – Monday, April 2, 2018 @ 08:36:26 pm

The story: Gorgc lent Lumby his Dragon hunter crossbow from his non-iron account. Lumby messaged me on 3/31/18 saying he was quiting the clan, I didn’t know about the lend at the time so I told him “alright gl” and the next day Gorgc asked if Lumby had quit the clan and then proceeded to say he lent him a Dhcb. I spent the next day or two looking at his forum history and trying to find anyone that had added him ingame, he had since leaving the clan unadded any/everyone he had previously added. He posted on Chill & Osrs forum thread applying to their clan so I looked at their thread and they had a link to their discord (their clan chat is muted for non-clan chat members) and messaged Lumby asking him about the Dhcb, giving him a chance to make things right, he said he hadn’t sold it and he planned on giving it back, meanwhile he left their discord not 7 minutes after I joined it and I was no longer able to message him back to find out what he was going to do. He stated he had been trying to reach him but with no success, which is hard to believe because Gorgc was currently online and hadn’t heard from him.

Lumby quiting the clan

Asking him about the Dhcb

Asking Cont.


Proof he left as soon as I joined during our conversation

Cont proof he left. (Osrs & Chill clan discord)

Proof of Discord ID#

Proof of Discord ID#2

proof he applied to Average Joe’s


Date of Abuse: 2018-04-01

Victims: Gorgc

Clan: Average Joe’s

Submitted by: Local God – Monday, April 2, 2018 @ 08:36:26 pm


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