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Submitted by: Jon Cave

Date of abuse:  Mon, Dec 26, 2016

Accused player*: Mr Siimpson

Accused of:  Stealing Borrowed Items

Plaintiff(s)**: Got monies (10m), Rostie (20m), Bossmanshank (3m), Aww styles (7m)

Clan:  Unclan

*Abusive player’s name at time of abuse. **Alleged victim(s) at time of abuse.

This player was friends with another player in Unclan. The other player was kicked due to being racist. Mr Siimpson then tried to get him back in the clan by saying he wont repay borrowed GP to clan members unless we unban. After we said no he posted the attached admission to our forum page.

Jon Cave
Jon Cave

Have evidence on this case? Please submit screenshots in a comment below.


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  1. Lmao i remb mr siimpson he was a leader of a blast furance cc way before the updates he seemed like a good guy lol always honest and trustworthy with splits/ paying workers for running blast furance

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