April 25, 2017 Arketryx 5Comment

Accused player:  TooSlick  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: stealing borrowed items: Elysian Spirit Shield (280m)

Submitted by: Arketryx – Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The story: I met TooSlick about 7 months ago when we were both runecrafting. He seemed nice so we added each other. He also joined my clan chat. We became good friends and helped each other out a lot in game. About 3 weeks ago he asked if he could quickly borrow my elysian so he could have a placeholder. I gave it to him and he gave it back right after. Yesterday he asked for the same thing, because he supposedly lost his placeholder by misclicking while doing runecrafting. I decided to let him borrow it really quick and he logged out, left the clan chat, added me to his ignore list, and blocked me on social media to prevent me from contacting him.

This is the back and forth messaging before the incident occured. His name was TooSlick during the time, but quickly changed it after. The image is cropped because i did not see the cropping specification when i took this.

This is a picture of clan members giving testimonies to the incident. It includes the clan leader.


Date of Abuse: 2017-04-24

Victims: Arketryx

Clan: 4 28 For Nub cc name is “Kingmonk”

Submitted by: Arketryx – Tuesday, April 25, 2017 @ 10:21:48 am


5 thoughts on “Thick Glute

  1. Can confirm this person was in my friendlist aswell, and decided to delete me right after he scammed arketryx for the elysian.

  2. This user has changed names a lot in a short amount of time to try and avoid detection from our clan, however a fellow clan member and I saw him at GE under the name Occulation and tried to talk to him. He didn’t respond to either of us and hopped after approximately 45 seconds.

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