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Accused player:  r00r  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: not splitting: Twisted Buckler (32.5m osrs gp)

Submitted by: msman9 – Wednesday, April 26, 2017

The story: After having agreed to split our loots 3 ways evenly a few raids before, r00r recieved a Twisted Buckler drop to his name, went to the ge, and proceeded to tell us that the Twisted Buckler wasn’t selling for the current 32.5m GE price. When myself, (msman9) and our other partner (Fly Bird) asked him to offer it to the ge for 30m because we would rather have a bit of a smaller split than wait for it to sell, he logged off, never returning with the shield nor the gp we were owed.

in this screenshot r00r tells us that the shield is not selling for the price that he wants it to, and explains that we need to wait for it to tell at that price.

in this screenshot, the final message that r00r saw was “extra 660k ea is no big deal…” it was at that point that he logged off, and the realization that he’s stolen our split is what can be seen afterwards.

in this screenshot you can see r00r recieving the twisted buckler in question, and myself (msman9) as well as our partner (fly bird) celebrating that we got a drop to split.

Once the case was published on RS Justice, the accused player contacted us regarding his case.

The question is: What type of team negotiates the price that a drop will be sold for in GE? The only logical answer is the type of team that is going to split the drop between themselves. One of the team members clearly states “660k each at 30m” and that is apparently when the accused player logged out, thus the reactions that followed. The evidence strongly suggests that this was not an FFA team but a Splitting team.


Date of Abuse: 2017-04-27

Victims: msman9, Fly Bird

Clan: r00r’s own cc (named “We Turn Up”)

Submitted by: msman9 – Wednesday, April 26, 2017 @ 09:16:41 pm


12 thoughts on “R00R

  1. Worst part is, my mate msman was on ultimate welfare gear aswell, and paid out the other guy 11m of his own currrent 50m bank because he felt bad.
    Never add this guy to your clan chat, he his a despise to the community, my friend msman basically lost 22m from this guy’s bullshit.
    Hope people are aware now not to trust this guy. ” r00r ”


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  2. He still claims it was a FFA but just deleted me after I asked why did you not say that when we were at GE and discussed price?

  3. this seems like a personal attack to me. who splits a dex then doesn’t split a twisted buckler? the messages make no sense either. who cares if they discussed prices?

    1. It’s already been regarded as a scam though, the messages between the players don’t matter. those were sent after

  4. Realistically, R00R is a scammer. He was banned from my casual/pvm clan chat about 3 months ago. I’m surprised it took him this long to show up on RSJ.

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