Since 2014, Approximately 136 players listed on RS Justice have settled their cases by returning stolen wealth to victims. The 86 screenshots we were able to find and post below total up to about 4,412,700,000 GP recovered.

1/28/2018 8m GP Returned To DB Sparcs

11/13/2017  54.3m gp returned to Hexis Dat, 1Tick Autism!

10/19/2017 12m total returned to Asap Main and FiveDollar

10/19/2017 18m total returned to RuneScrap and E cLa T

10/3/2017 14m returned to C4 N Jack3d (Jack3d K0)

9/9/2017 200m returned to OSRS Baker / Call Me Baker

9/6/2017 Afk Jasper / Tr0nd 7.7m returned

8/3/2017 Drra (Tophat) 2.8m (bgs)

8/2/2017 Genk / Im True/ SKITSAMMA -> 17m

34m 7/13/2017 -> PvP Razor

125m 7/7/2017

6m 7/3/2017

6m 7/3/2017

6m 7/3/2017

One thought on “Returned Stolen Wealth

  1. I see i’m part of the RS Justice, this is surprising news to me, i would like to contact the player and pay this back in full and get my name off of this, please.

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