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Accused player:  The R A V E  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: stealing borrowed items: 40m, Armadyl godsword, Dharok’s set, Amulet of fury, Berserker ring (77.6m)

Submitted by: Not Teemo – Saturday, March 4, 2017

The story: RAVE HARD / The R a v e had been in our clan for a while. One of our Bronze Stars “Exp Bro” held a PvP tournament and loaned him dharok’s and the other items to compete with, after the tournament RAVE disappeared and hasn’t been in the clan chat since and most of everyone is deleted from his FL.

Queen Bia at an earlier date apparently loaned him 40m, with an expectation of it being back within a reasonable time-frame. RAVE did not return the money and after a month this was the conversation had.

Evidence description:

1 – Our bronze star being removed from his primary account The R a v e
2 – Clan leader confirmation that they were removed from the clan
3 – Clan leader being removed from their main acc fl
4 – Name change of main acc
5 – RAVE HARD on the 40m loan by Queen Bia
6 – Queen Bia talking about it (these were at the same time)
7 & 8 – Trevor_tn1, who loaned fury, being removed from Rave’s fl

Date of Abuse: February 10th, 2017 roughly

Victims: Queen Bia, Exp Bro, trevor_tn1

Clan: The Embassy

Submitted by: Not Teemo – Saturday, March 4, 2017 @ 08:56:51 am


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