May 14, 2017 elysian pv m 17Comment

Accused player:  stomped  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: not splitting: twisted bow (1.3b)

Submitted by: elysian pv m – Sunday, May 14, 2017 

The story: We went on a raid and were in discord. we did a trio raid when the t bow dropped we where freaking out! then he was just like yea im going to split and we went ge. he told us to go to the ge and then he left discord and he removed me from the FL left the clan and saw him in ge, after couple secs he hopped or logd out….

Date of Abuse: 2017-05-14

Victims: elysian pv m, med dead

Clan: my clan <— elysian pv m

Submitted by: elysian pv m – Sunday, May 14, 2017 @ 10:25:41 am


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  1. stomped if u read this its sad that u scammed me while i learned u raids and splitted the robe top with u… karma wil come hope u decide to split it or ur rs career is pretty much over and gl finding a good team to raid with. we could get 10 t bows if u just stayed and splitted/ hope u make up ur mind dude.

    1. Elly, my friend… With your attitude I can see yourself getting onto this website very soon. Whilst having every intention to split, i got to know you and your behaviour with other members of the clan, despite being the owner yourself was quite frankly disgusting. Just because another member has a different view on how to do the boss doesn’t mean you should never raid with him again…. Lets not forget to mention, “yeah if we get something, we wont split with him” a regular occurrence said from yourself when other newer members wanted to raid with us. To top it all off you actually kicked/ banned members for asking to come and raid with us because they perhaps were too persistent in doing so. Anyway in such a position of leadership/ trust, i’m not sure your cut out for it. I think justice will be served to you one day, maybe it already has. I will be giving a split to Med Dead in due course, as he never did anything wrong.

      1. Stomped… Ur just a pathetic person. Me having a disgusting behavior in my own clan u kidding me? i made this clan to teach people how to boss and raids. same as i was teaching you how to raid. just because i was triggered the very last raid because i didnt sleep for 2 days and i was triggered on crep because he was fucking up the olm phase doesnt mean im disgusting? i appoligies him for being salty at him that has nothing to do with the split of the t bow tho? We are just friends. and he is not a member of my clan but he is also the OWNER of the clan and we are just cool with eachoter and stil raiding til this day. SECOND, i have never said if we get something i wont split it! i dont even know wtf u are talking about and the dude i kicked wasnt just because he was asking to raid with us. i kicked him because he tryd to scam the cc with a duel arena lure wich he said on discord. also i muted him before because he was annoying and was asking every 5 seconds can i join the raid… can i join the raid… etc etc. i gave that dude many changes but the scam attempt goes to far. i dont even know why im talking about this tbh bcus this has nothing to do with splitting a bow.

        The facts on the other hand are: i teached u how to raid / i splitted my robe top with u. and you decide to scam me a t bow. if you are a person who prefers pixels over people then that says enough about you.

        and if u want to call me a scammer on my own cc while i have proof that i splitted over 500m+ with people and i have a rank on one of the biggest raid communitys GOODLUCK my friend because i would never scam people for pixels. thats why i made this cc to teach people how to boss and raid because i dont really care bout the money 😉

        Update what happend to day:

        im logging in and saw my discord channel… every one was deleted by jammyjames #5571 A.K.A Stomped. Drop/split channels deleted. permissions changed etc etc. 1 hour later im being called by a member of my in the clan and said a guy mug lvl 41 A.K.A stomped alt was telling every one in my clan that i was a scammer and they should go to he’s cc (or something like that) the person who said it to me wasnt sure of the whole conversation. but because of that many new members of my clan left the channel (they came back tho nice try stomped).

        @chris 3 man

  2. Elly…The fact that you just admitted that everything i said in my previous statement was true hopefully proves that also your statement about scamming a newer member of the clan was also true, despite denying it. Why don’t we also mention that you only started this clan because you were kicked from your last one, stop telling everyone you left when we all know that isn’t the truth.
    Hahha more lies! I love it. For starters my other account is lvl 86 and I did not do any of those things. Why would i even attempt to make a clan using your members who you’ve portrayed such an image of myself too, they would be silly to join? In regards to your discord, ill admit to deleting 2 people only, your lieing when you say i deleted everyone LOL. Anyway if anything I hope I’ve enlightened your clan to your negative traits and what you’ve said behind closed doors. Its now up to them whether they stay and take the risk. All i can say is goodluck to you in the future and when you get a twisted bow, i’ll be waiting for you to show up on this website. You can say what you like here but what you’ve said to me in the discord is unethical for you clan and I won’t forget it.

    Update: I have now paid Med Dead his split.

  3. Dude takes twisted bow from raid drop and doesn’t split the profit. This is literally, in my mind, a crime. If I were Ely I would be extremely irate. Imagining having such an item in my, “grasps”. This is literally worth hundreds of irl currency. Stomped took advantage of game mechanics, simple, to steal ely’s potential hundreds or in game hours upon hours of grinding. Stomped in my opinion is hands down stealing.

    1. It seem’s any1 can be put on here based on a picture of the drop and a back story. Another case of a player’s reputation being besmirched with nothing concrete supporting it.

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