October 30, 2016 Zeal 0Comment

Submitted by: iCLOGtoilets

Sat, Oct 30, 2016

ACC– USED PLAYER*: Stud init

ACCUSATION: Not Splitting Items: Bandos Tassets (26.2m)

PLAINTIFF(S): Drgnslyr2300, Hooshey

CLAN: Deities of PvM

*Player’s name at the time the abuse took place

“Stud Init” received one Bandos Tassets drop in a trio with Drgnslyr2300 and Hooshey. He waited 10 kills after receiving the drop, to leave cc and “log out”. A period of 24 hours passed with no contact made from his end. Which ultimately led to “Stud Init” being banned from Deities of PvM clan chat and Discord server.

iCLOGtoilets - Clan Leader
iCLOGtoilets - Clan Leader

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