June 2, 2017 Murgo 12Comment

Accused player:  Tigerz07  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: not splitting: He only had snaps (~100k+)

Submitted by: Murgo – Monday, May 29, 2017

The story: Murgro, NuIlPointer, and Tigerz07 were doing a Bandos trio with the rules established ahead of time that we would split ALL drops. NuIl was the designated alcher and Tigerz had taken the snaps (and possibly something else.) Null accidentally tabbed near the end of the trip, so Tigerz and I did a couple more kills. He had to tab and I finished off the kill. I go to the GE where NuIl is waiting and we are sitting there confused because Tigerz did not come to split, even thought he probably would’ve gotten more if he had come to split. This is more of a principal thing, as you can see by the evidence below, he acted very ignorant and didn’t even care when we asked him to come split and I told him I wouldn’t boss with him if he didn’t follow the rules. I asked a mod in discord and he said it was a fair report if someone does not come to split. This was very frustrating for me and I feel like others should be warned of his demeanor.

I did not read the (do not crop) part below by the time I noticed it I had lost the chat logs. Regardless I am still going to send this in, I don’t expect any restitution I just feel like this should be known.

Date of Abuse: 2017-05-29

Victims: Murgo, NulIPointer

Submitted by: Murgo – Monday, May 29, 2017 @ 12:27:46 am


12 thoughts on “Black Coins

  1. where is the case in here ? i see nothing that makes tigerz07 a scammer. i only see murgo being a crying little baby boss wannabe..

  2. how should he be up here when he would have less then what the current split is? if anything report murgo for being a bitch, pointless if they didnt get any drops

  3. tigerz is a dumbass, ive done multiple boss trips with the kid. he loves to troll, he was established as dps and never piked up any of the drops the entre time as well, couldnt imagine if he ot a tasssy drop what he wouldve done

    1. Why post under anonymous then? Pm me bro, oh yeah you’re a lil bitch 😛 Iv gotten many bcps and tassets for that clan & split it, if there’s 2 dpsers in the team (which there always was because I mostly Trio) then it shouldn’t be a problem wether I pick up loot or not, even proving my point ^ that I did not pick up anything in murgos trip, yet I’m still on this shit

  4. This got me kicked out of mycc… Murgo is the biggest bitch Iv ever pvmd with, I did not pick up any of the drops, so I was confused af & I thought he was trolling me. How tf can I take this down??

  5. Tigerz07 isnt a scammer… all your unfair, butt-hurt, childish behaviour has made it impossible for him to join a pvm clan.

  6. Even if you didn’t loot anything (which is pretty hard to believe) you still need to meet with your group, at the ge, to split. It’s common sense.
    I swear, you’re thicker than the Earths outer core -.-

    1. Why the fuck would I go ge for a split of addy ore? I went to get kc again so I can wait outside door & get to the next trip faster, it’s called efficiency. If anything they get a better split so where is the problem?

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