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Accused player:  Vincent3878  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: luring: 40m (40million gp)

Submitted by: gimmiedal00t – Thursday, April 6, 2017

The story: well hello my names gimmiedal00t i got a month or so playing runescape 07 and this is my story…after I finished farming I headed towards the g.e to sell what I got off the trees … when nessa xd followed me saying I got nice gear if I had 40m I said yeah he told me if I wanted to win 30m of course who isn’t gunna want 30m right for free ..smh never again man … so he told me out loud to turn my priv on and he had his other acc add me n told me that “nessa xd” is stupid he will try to lure me with newspaper n trade me it with cash to except and just tele out ….. so I deleted the guy and nessa xd pm me and said meet him in varrock in the middle .. so I did n he took me towards the eastern side of varrock bank were you find the cup of tea so he told me to drop my 40m and enter the the gate and to trade him on the other side and I did I shouldn’t of had but it was supposedly to win 30m but in the end said to trade him fast to get 30m he had 3 other accs in the play I don’t have screen shots of them there but I got screen shots of his pms and the spot I was in … I got him in the ignore list with 2 other of his buddys … I kept an eye on him and continues to lure other people I got screen shot of him and his team mates on ignore list they keep the person stuck after they cross the gate the max click the fence so they can keep going in and out and other person wont have a chance to get back to other side

All players at large: Micro Dapperflipn goldMaxed Alan

this was after i got lured the pms he had send me after he took my cash stack

this is a pic of me trying to get back into his cc after i left he has me blocked

this is the place were he lured me too and had his buddys cme out the nowhere or himself login multi computers and mass click on gate to keep going in and out so i wont go back out

Date of Abuse: 2017-04-06

Victims: gimmiedal00t

Submitted by: gimmiedal00t – Thursday, April 6, 2017 @ 11:03:39 pm


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