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Accused player:  September 20, 2017 mid day ish  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: other_(specify_in_your_story_below): 500m gp (500m)

Submitted by: Jarls – Thursday, September 21, 2017 @ 02:55:45 pm

The story: Discord: jarls#1303 (formerly RSN: Saviors PvM but i moved name to alt account)

LuckyUza tried to Real world trade 500m; Timotjuh (current RSN: Wild Shifter) went onto alt and pretended to be a RWT and took the 500m. Timo claims that Uza has been Faking Duels(losing on purpose). Only 2 people(Timo and LuckySydro) have testimony to the case (one more person is still be waiting to be questioned) and no one has provided any proof only testimony. We felt that we shouldn’t react so quickly seeing that Uza is a well known member(3 banana) and every other testimony was 1 Banana or lower. Timo either for validation or comfort gave away a dwh to LuckySydro, 20m to Kwanoo and 10m to Manz not hot.
We(kamiel and myself) tried to explain to him that him stealing 500m doesnt add any trust to us, and that hes steal way more then that was scammed from them. I came up with the compromise of Splitting the stack giving a small split to the supposed scammed and giving the fairly large stack back to uza who was 100% definitely scammed. Not to my surprise Timo didnt like the idea and after a long drawn out stand off. My Mod Kamiel Perma banned him from CC and discord. We have also since giving a warning to the cc Not to Stake with People/LuckyUza and that we cant do anything with no evidence. LuckyUza hasnt logged for 24 Hours and too our knowledge still thinks hes gonna get 425 Euro in his paypal. The screenshots below are from Kwanoo, Kamiel, and myself. He has admitted to Kwanoo, Kamiel, Luckysydro, Possibly Manz not hot, and Myself(Jarls). Timo was giving out the Gp in uneven portions and was keeping the remainder ( esitmated 350m-400m for himself. Which is 8000% profit for him.


We will be investigating the fake duels but we have 0 evidence for them and may only take action via banning in CC. I will let admins know when i add more pictures to the Imgur.

Context: LuckyUza has severe gambling addiction and just staked his way to 1.1b
Timo thinks he’s robin hood.

Date of Abuse: 2017-09-20

Victims: Luckyuza

Clan: Saviors Pvm

Submitted by: Jarls – Thursday, September 21, 2017 @ 02:55:45 pm


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