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Accused player:  dillan XD  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: not splitting: elysian sigil (421m)

Submitted by: ohthitthun – Thursday, January 11, 2018 @ 07:35:02 am

The story: was on teamspeak in and some of my friends asked me to come corp, i said yes and first kill in we got a ely. first thing that he did was leave cc which was hasley cc. immediately after that he rejoined then left again name changed then logged out, this was in the span of 10 minutes. there are 10 people plus who can conferm that it was a split and not a ffa including abyss arrow who is a streamer and was streaming pking at the time while he was pking. i have images of him getting the drop and then also of him saying if we wen’t randoms he would of split. https://twitter.com/AbyssArr0w/status/949405115491827712 this is a picture from abyss arrows twitter showing him getting drop in old rsn and him saying he would of split in new one. drop was on 1/5/18 and then the other picture is from 1/11/2018.


Date of Abuse: 2018-01-05

Victims: lmao tiggy, TA5TE, ohthitthun, Ygtrece

Clan: hasley

Submitted by: ohthitthun – Thursday, January 11, 2018 @ 07:35:02 am


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