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Accused player:  Zijun  (at time of abuse)

Accused of: stealing borrowed items: 100M (collateral difference)

Submitted by: Lv 2 Goblin – Friday, January 19, 2018 @ 03:21:49 am

The story: Zijun borrowed my Elysian Spirit Shield because he said he wanted to attempt Inferno, but he didn’t have enough money. He gave me around 360M worth of collats for that Ely, to make himself trustable. He got my shield and he said he gotta concentrate on Inferno, then he went offline. At first, I believed him, but then he was offline forever. I used the CrystalMathLab exp tracker to track his EXP, and I knew he was on. I trusted him because we shared the same nationality and we shared plenty of common views, we became good friends like instantly. Also, he was a maxed main with around 1.7b worth of items, so I thought he would not risk his account for an Ely (he showed me he got everything other than elysian spirit shield). But now he deleted me from his friend list, and I know whats going on.
Zijun got an alternative account too, called: Also Zijun

Screenshot of the trade.

Zijun claiming he does not know the victim and says the trading screenshot was faked.

Putting Zijun and the victim into a clan chat together:

Zijun originally stated he was not online yesterday. Upon mentioning ‘Ryan Lkh’ who hunted him down in game, he as per above, retracted that statement and said it was before he went out so he ‘logged out’. The victim claims he instantly logged out after seeing the below:

Opening and closing of the day he claimed to be offline:

Zijun later on confessed to taking 100m when talking to an other person.

Zijun later on also admitting the scam to RSJustice staff, saying he does not regret it.

Date of Abuse: 2018-01-18

Victims: Lv 2 Goblin

Submitted by: Lv 2 Goblin – Friday, January 19, 2018 @ 03:21:49 am


2 thoughts on “DR MF PLAGUE

  1. Instead of just punishing people, you guys shall prevent this from happening as well. You should teach these silly guys to not lend a high-quality item to others. When a mistake is made, it’s never 100% one person’s fault. Should at least 20% of stupidity in that case ! Seriously, who’s stupid enough to give away a shield, if a guy earns it in a raid and doesn’t split, that’s another story, but this, that’s profound stupidity. You guys should remind people on a regular basis that people aren’t all trustworthy and you shouldn’t lend your items to someone you never met in real life. I hope you will take account of my advice.

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